Vols Players brandish (pellet) gun, end up behind bars

November 12, 2009
Richardon (#7) goes from endzone to slammer

Richardon (#7) goes from endzone to slammer

Lane Kiffin will need to keep his mouth shut from this point on after three of his freshman players were arrested for attempted armed robbery this morning. The three players who found themselves handcuffed were top recruit wide receiver Nu’Keese Richardson, starting safety Janzen Jackson and defensive back Mike Edwards. Also along for the ride was Marie Montmarquet (not affiliated with the program).

The accused were stalking their pray at a Pilot gas station on the Strip near Tennessee’s campus.  A parked car near the gas station was their target. Two of the criminals, Richardson and Edwards approached the parked car, brandished what appeared to be a gun, and demanded “give us everything you’ve got.”

The victims in the car told the duo that they didn’t have sh*t and even showed their empty wallets to the perpetrators. That’s when a third person, Jackson, approached the parked vehicle and told the two that they needed to get out of there.

The victims saw the three suspects run back to a Toyota Prius. They reported the crime to authorities and ultimately Tennessee police spotted the vehicle and pulled the car over. In plain view, an officer spotted a pellet gun and later found drug paraphernalia and marijuana.

In an attempt to save the face of the program, Marie Montmarquet claimed the drugs were hers and not the players. As a result, the drugs were pinned on Montmarquet and she was charged with possession. Meanwhile, the players were still charged with, among other things, attempted robbery. Richardson and Edwards are being held on $19,500.00 and Jackson was released on his on PR.

Prior to the season, Kiffin was raving how clean his program was and how he was upholding the values of the Vol’s community more so than his predecessor Phillip Fulmer. He was also blabbering about the SEC and Florida’s recruiting practices. Now his good will is all but expired with the events that transpired from his star recruits’ most recent arrests.

The status of the players remains to be seen, but it is pretty apparent these kids will not be playing for the Vols this season and their status as a student is in jeopardy.

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