The Top 10 Graduation Gifts For The Football Player in Your Life

July 4, 2017
Graduation time of year.

 It’s graduation time of year. 

It is graduation time and many young adults are headed off to college this Fall school season. Without the proper gear, many of these new college students will be at a loss, so far from home. So why not remind them how much you love them with some gifts that let them know all year long. This is something they will enjoy and never forget, as the semester takes them new places into their adulthood.For those parents that have a football star leaving home this year, make sure to give the gifts that will show your love and their love of sports too. With this in mind, here are the top 10 recommended graduation gifts for the football player in your life.

Internet Gift Cards

Shopping online is the only way for college students today. This is especially well suited for those team players, since their schedules leave little time for personal shopping. So consider giving your graduate internet gift cards from their favorite online shopping hot spots. It is better than giving them cash and make shopping a breeze from anywhere in the world. You might want to get a few for yourself too.

Online Shopping Allowance

If your new graduate is going to school away from home, consider setting up an online shopping allowance with somewhere they like to shop. This is easy to do at online mega retailers like Amazon, but similar accounts can be set up with local area groceries and other type outlets. You will be able to update their allowances monthly and easily monitor their purchases, so parenting is not like spying on them. Online shopping and allowances are great for college students going to school this year.

Custom Team Jerseys

Sports players love to emulate their heroes on and off the field. Let them pick their favorite players and the teams associated with them by wearing custom jerseys. Get the number and name of an all-star professional sports hero, so your college student has cool threads to wear in the off time hours. Custom team jerseys never go out of style, but also show off the little man that is growing into a full blown adult this season.

Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes

At home or far away from it, shoes are a never ending necessity. Make sure your newly graduated young adult is ready for anything, but mainly make sure they have plenty of shoes for anytime, or anyplace. Shoes are the gift that keeps them walking, running, or just stepping along from day to daily life. Remember, when you don’t know what else to give, the perfect gift is always shoes, shoes, and more shoes. Trust us, this is a good piece of advice.

Game Systems

It is a digital age and gaming is the entertainment college students can’t get enough of today. Game systems like Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Wii are the perfectly made accessory to college living. In the dorm or at an apartment off campus, everyone needs to take a break from the scholastic grind and relive some stress. Game systems are the best alternative gift and serve as an outlet, so not every hour is spent hitting the books. Gaming is the ying, to the yang of studying.

Professional Sports Games

If your football player graduate loves games, why not get them started on a collection to go with their favorite system of choice. There are professional sports games for every sport, league, team, and division in the modern world. Finding out what ones are their favorites shouldn’t be hard, just ask them. Updated versions are released for most games every year, so it can become a gift giving tradition that starts, just as the college semester begins.

Streaming Video Devices

College students love watching movies and television, almost more than anything else. Since cable TV is so expensive, why not undercut those big companies and give your college student a steaming video device. Devices like ROKU, Amazon Fire, Comcast, or Apple TV are ready made to access lots of free and paid subscription services. Many channels are devoted just to streaming sports broadcasts and will provide thousands of hours of entertainment. Mark this one as a great gift idea, anytime of the year.

Subscription Video Services

Without a doubt, giving a subscription video service makes all graduation gifts pale in comparison. Think about adding a subscription and sharing it with your new college student, such as Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, or Amazon Prime. Anything else will just be regular television or movie rentals, but streaming subscriptions are a cheaper alternative that will always be updated with the best new content. College newbies will love you for it.

Laptop Computers

Nothing says college life, quite like a new laptop computer system. There are all levels of new laptop computer choices available today. Some are light weight and made for one the go, while others are heavy duty with all the bells and whistles. No matter what your budget is, a laptop is available to suit your graduate and their scholastic computing needs. Don’t wait, go out and get the best digital gift for your student as they enter the future with wide eyes. It is an age of information, send them with the technology necessary to be part of the 21st century and let them walk with it proudly under their arm.

Keychains and Wallets

Finally, there are some gifts that are always practical and great ideas. A graduation gift that is monogrammed or engraved is one of the best ideas. Silver engraved unique keychains are a fun idea, because they will be carried with your graduate, wherever it is they are off too. The same is true for a personalized monogrammed wallet. In fact, why not make them a gift set together, since all real adults need to have their keys ready and their money handy at all times.

Happy graduation to all those football stars and future college graduates. Good luck.


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