NCAA Football Quarterbacks to Watch This Year

June 27, 2013
QB Johnny Manziel is set to take the stage and lead Texas A&M to BCS glory.

QB Johnny Manziel is set to take the stage and lead Texas A&M to BCS glory.

What a year this promises to be in the NCAA it’s left me pondering the NCAA rankings and my thoughts on wagering. When composing this piece about the best quarterbacks who will grace our college football fields this year, I continually changed my mind. I had a look at the website to see what the site recommend, but I was still unsure as to who would come out top dog. I finally settled on three quarterbacks who I believe will make their mark this year.

AJ McCarron, Alabama.

For two seasons in a row now, McCarron has completed over 2,600 yards – a phenomenal achievement. He has had his fair share of controversy too but don’t let this distract you from the obvious talent this kid possesses. An approximate 66% pass completion rate which contributed to 26 touchdowns in 2012, McCarron is obviously a key choice as one of the top quarterbacks to look out for.

Anyone who likes to wager on NCAA football will have Alabama high in their list of challengers. A team that allows very few points against will always be hard to beat, especially with a quarterback like AJ at the helm.

Aaron Murray, Georgia.

A player that just a few years ago was not considered the natural starter, Aaron Murray has improved beyond recognition since. A total of 3893 yards and 36 touchdowns is testament to the ability of this quarterback who will be hoping to lead his team to glory. 249 of 388 passes completed gave Murray a completion percentage of 64%, a very impressive return.

Georgia will be hoping for a better year this year (although 12-2 isn’t too bad) and they will be hoping that a good season from Murray will lead them to great things. If you want to learn how to wager on football to have a ‘punt’ on the Dogs, it would be best to read the latest news and updates about this team.

Last but certainly not least we come to…

Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M.

Johnny Manziel is without doubt one of the finest athletes that will grace the NCAA football field this year. A player right near the top of the NCAA rankings, Manziel is a multi talented quarterback who Texas A&M is blessed to have on its roster. In one game last season (the Cotton Bowl against Oklahoma) Manziel managed 287 passing yards, 229 running yards and 4 touchdowns. A phenomenal achievement, Manziel is capable of handling the pressure and having a year of extraordinary achievements again. His 5000+ offensive yards and 47 total touchdowns makes impressive reading and you can bet US college football fans looking at football odds would look no further than Johnny Manziel.

The 2012 Heisman trophy winner is the name on most people’s lips as the choice for top NCAA quarterback. His quality is unchallenged and his ability is unmatched and he should prove this in this season. It is worth learning how to bet on sports just to stick a bet on Manziel on being the top quarterback in the NCAA this year.

Texas A&M superstar Manziel should again have a standout season and the member of the FWAA 2012 Freshman All-America team will be great to watch again.

Leading his team to 4th in the points scored table last season, Manziel is a beast of a quarterback and his ability will lead Texas, in my opinion, to a decent position this year.

So in conclusion, look no further than these three players for your entertainment this season. Lots of pass completion, lots of running yards, very few pass interceptions between the three, it should be interesting to see who is the top dog come the end of the season. It will be hard to look past Manziel.

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