Nebraska Sued, Discriminates Against Disabled Parker

September 17, 2012


Richard Norton Jr. was denied access to a handicapped parking space during a Cornhuskers football game to make way for Nebraska donors and tailgaters.  As a result of this discriminatory practice, Norton sued the school seeking an injunction to prevent the school from continuing to enforce a policy that discriminates against disabled persons.  

On October 30, 2010, Norton tried to park in a dedicated handicapped spot at Morrill Hall to see an art exhibit.¬† He was turned away because parking was reserved for the Cornhuskers‚Äô football game against the University of Missouri at Memorial Stadium. ¬†During game day the parking spaces at Morrill Hall, to include all handicapped spaces, are reserved for donors and tailgaters.¬† Despite displaying a disabled parking sticker and requesting to park at Morrill Hall to see an exhibit, he was ‚Äúridiculed[d] by an employee of the Defendant and was ultimately denied access to park in the handicapped stalls.‚Ä̬† Norton was directed to park in a lot down the street.¬† Upon reaching that lot, Norton was told he would have to pay $15 to park in the designated handicapped spot.¬† Norton explained to the attendant that it was against the law to charge a person with a disability to park in a disabled spot.¬† Reluctantly, the attendant allowed Norton to park in the handicapped spot for free, but told him he could only park his car there for two hours. ¬†If he did not return and move his car, the car would be towed.¬†

As a result of walking a farther distance to Morrill Hall, Norton suffered extreme pain in his legs and feet that required medical attention.  He complained to the school about the events that transpired on that day and the injuries he sustained.  The school acknowledged the violations and promised to correct the issue.

To date, Nebraska has done nothing of the sort.  The handicapped spots at Morrill Hall are still inaccessible on game day.  Norton filed a seven page complaint in the District Court of Lancaster County, Nebraska (Case No. CI12-3725) seeking monetary damages and an injunction to stop the school from its continued discriminatory practice.

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