‘Bama Declares Spelling is for Losers

August 12, 2010

Note the Mississipi...

Apparently one of the perks of being the BCS National Champion is the right to rename opponents’ schools.  Thanks to Friends of The Program, we now know that the University of Alabama athletic department is apparently spending far too much time focusing on repeating as BCS national champs, and not enough time on anything else. When printing tickets for this year’s slate of games, someone fell asleep at the wheel and misprinted the ‘Bama vs. ‘Mississipi State tickets. Unfortunately for Alabama, the mistake was identified after tickets already went out to fans. Alabama spokesman, Doug Walker, called the incident an “unfortunate oversight” and vowed to ensure that the same mistake will not happen again.

This mishap should provide more than enough fodder for critics of the Alabama education system. Remember, this is the same state university system that cancelled three days of classes during the week of ‘Bama’s national championship showdown against Texas this past January.

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