Three’s Company

June 29, 2010

Three UCLA freshman were arrested after theft occurred in front of UCLA's Hedrick Hall

UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel has more than enough duties with running a high-profile division 1 football program that baby sitter shouldn’t be one of them. Three of UCLA’s prized freshman recruits were arrested on felony suspicion of theft last Thursday in connection with the theft of a female student’s backpack on the Westwood campus. The contents taken in the young woman’s backpack are estimated to have a value of $1,200.00. Arrests were made after law enforcement officers observed video surveillance of Paul Richardson, Shaquille Richardson, and Joshua Shirleycommitting the theft outside of the Hedrick Hall dorm.

No suspensions or punishments have been handed down yet as school officials are still investigating the matter. All three of the players involved in the incident were highly touted athletes coming out of HS this past spring and are looking at respectable amounts of playing time this upcoming season. Neuheisel is known to be lenient on his players in the past, but he will be expected to exact some type of punishment on the guilty parties as UCLA wants to maintain their clean sports program image.

If the three are given a chance to remain with the team after serving the terms of their more than likely upcoming suspensions, let’s hope they learn from it. They have a rare and great opportunity  to play college ball and receive a free education while doing so.

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