Profanity Pays

August 21, 2009
I am the DAMN law

I am the DAMN law

In an effort to create a more Singapore type atmosphere, Virginia Tech’s Frank Beamer is implementing the no potty-mouth rule while on the job. This means coaches and staff cannot say any vulgar or profane words in front of other coaches, staff, and especially players during meetings, practices, workouts, etc.

It’s not enough for his staff to say, “yes sir, I accept your dumba$$ rule,” rather he is going to levy fines. The fines can range anywhere from $10, $20, and $50 dollars.

When asked about it, Coach Beamer stated, “It’s just simply trying to do things the right way,” “We’re supposed to be setting the example for our players here at Virginia Tech and if we, as coaches, make a conscious effort to try and always conduct ourselves professionally, I hope our players will see that and follow along. Also, we have accountability in this program. I personally don’t like to hear profanity and since we’re all college graduates on this staff, I’m confident we can come up with more suitable terms to communicate with. Bottom line, the football field is our workplace, our job, and just like at any other working environment, you want that to be as professional as possible. It’s something that happens rarely (profanity), but I’ve drawn attention to it because I’d like for it not to happen at all.”

The Matador thinks this is a brilliant f&%#ing idea.

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