Georgia Tech’s Attaochu gets a slap on the wrist for punching Virginia Tech’s Thomas in the face

November 14, 2011

Georgia Tech OLB Jeremiah Attaochu gave Virginia Tech QB Logan Thomas trouble all evening during the Hokies conference win.

College football is all about winning, and when a star player breaks a rule, there is a direct correlation between the talent of the player and the suspension assessed. Case in point, during Thursday night’s game against Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech LB  Jeremiah Attaochu (6-3, 235 lbs.) threw a flagrant punch at Hokie QB Logan Thomas citing an “overdose of adrenaline.

Attaochu was flagged with a personal foul for the hit, but was not thrown out of the game. The Hokies continued on the drive and ended up winning the game 37-26.

Coach Paul Johnson reviewed the tape, and believed a half game suspension for this week’s game against Duke is fitting considering it would have been the same punishment from the ACC had Attaochu been thrown out of the game. “It’s out of character for him,” Johnson said. “Certainly, that’s not his M.O., and that’s why it’s not more. But I think that, certainly, we don’t condone that and I know he’s learned his lesson, but there still needs to be something. You have to pay a price when you mess up.”

Paul Johnson, clearly did not want to come down hard on one of his top linebackers who has amassed 49 total tackles with five sacks and one INT this season. However, he did state Attaochu will face additional internal disciplinary measures which have yet to be released.

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