Boise State Bronco bucked after sexual hazing charge

December 17, 2010

Walk-on Boise State wide receiver Anthony Clarke can now walk-off the team after felony charges emerged from his high school hazing days.

Boise State freshman receiver Anthony Clarke is one of three college football players who have been charged with various misdemeanors and felony counts of committing a sexual crime, battery, and false imprisonment for incidents that took place last year while students at Blackfoot High School. Clarke, a standout high school athlete who moved on to the collegiate level, and his teammates apparently took high school hazing to new limits and criminal charges were finally filed.

Underclassmen reported Clarke and company to high school officials back in 2009 after repeated physical and mental abuse highlighted by forcible sexual penetration with the use of a foreign object. Clarke also restrained his victims and beat them repeatedly in the school’s locker room and team bus. The other two current college football players involved in the high school hazing incident are Idaho State tight end Nathan Walker and Carroll College redshirt freshman Logan Chidester.

Reports indicate that all the players have been suspended from their respective teams and are scheduled to appear in 7th District Court on December 23.

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