A not so Kodak moment for Arkansas

December 15, 2010

Does this look like an NCAA violation to you?

A picture is worth a thousand words, and in Arkansas’ case they better start talking before the NCAA gets involved. Apparently, the above snap-shot of 10 football recruits, which on its face looks harmless, is a potential NCAA recruiting violation. Per the NCAA rules, a program cannot create a “false game day environment.” Now the question remains, is handing out jerseys and placing name plates on lockers considered a game day environment? The NCAA is obviously the judge and jury. If found guilty of an infraction, coaches could at the very least face suspension.

Frankly, even with a strict interpretation of the rules, this picture looks more like a practice environment. The players are wearing jerseys with numbers of player already on the team. They aren’t wearing shoulder pads, they don’t have helmets, and everyone is in street clothes. The only apparent violation is the name tags on each locker. That is a NO-NO, but certainly doesn’t warrant any real punishment. It’s not like they all received a bag of cash.  

The NCAA rulebook is about as thick as Obama’s Health Care package. It’s too over the top and there needs to be some sort of reform. With all these rules, its no wonder recruiting violations are rampant in the NCAA.

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