In the words of Gordon Gekko: Greed is Good

February 26, 2010

Sorry ladies, it's going to cost you--$25 for a touch and $50 for a look

In an act of unprecedented greed, Florida alum Tim Tebow is going to charge $160.00 to sign autographs and pose for photos on Saturday, March 6, at Palm Beach Autographs, Avenues Mall from 1-5 p.m. So for all you kids who have been saving your allowance and bullying your friends for their lunch money, Saturday is the big day to help Tebow cash in.

There is speculation that Tebow’s throwing mechanics are not improving and his NFL stock is dwindling. At the advice of his agent, he is striking while the iron is hot since there is money to be made now. However, Tebow better act fast because as we get closer to draft day, his position will certainly decline.

In attempt to justify this outrageous fee, Tebow announced that “a large portion” of the proceeds will go in his pocket will go towards the Tim Tebow Foundation.

Frankly, it’s a bit absurd for a kid who has never stepped foot on an NFL field to charge that kind of money. Sources indicate that he is only selling 500 autograph tickets and 500 photo tickets in an attempt to create a limited supply to bolster demand. So if you do the math, and assuming all the tickets get sold, he will make over $25,000.00 per hour. Not bad for a recent graduate.

Ironically, I thought one of the seven deadly sins was greed. Obviously, Tebow missed that chapter in the great book. It’s no wonder Tebow never wore the Mark 7:22 eye black on game day.

The Matador is truly disappointed in Mr. Tebow and it wouldn’t surprise me if fans start to turn their backs on him for this uncharacteristic move.

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