Michigan gets a slice of pie

January 6, 2010

CEO becomes AD of the Wolverines

Domino’s CEO David Brandon is done tossing pizza dough. He is trading in his flour encrusted apron for a shinny new clipboard. The University of Michigan announced that Mr. Brandon will replace Bill Martin as the new athletic director.

Mr. Brandon is no stranger to Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan as Domino’s Pizza Inc. is based in Ann Arbor and Mr. Brandon used to wear the maze and blue under the tutelage of the late Bo Schembechler in the early 70’s.

The school believes Brandon is the best fit for the university as running the athletic department is comparable to running a business. We already know he has one strength in his ability to downplay his competition as seen on his TV commercials mocking Subway sandwiches. I guess his next commercial will somehow be aimed at Ohio State.

Only time will tell…

In other news, all University of Michigan athletes will receive free pizzas for the life of their scholarship [limit one topping per pizza].

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