Florida State Bans Facebook, et al.

August 7, 2013
Jimbo Fisher pulls the plug on social media.

Jimbo Fisher pulls the plug on social media.

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher is setting a strong tone in team discipline in that he will not allow his players to fall victim to the social media world.  On the eve of camp, Fisher reportedly issued a comprehensive social media ban meaning players must log-off of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter during the season.  This is a clear message that Fisher wants his players to focus on football and not be distracted by social media.

To paraphrase Fisher, social media is a powerful tool and it can sometimes do the players more harm than good.  The team is taking the ban positively and the players believe it will help them unite as a team. 

Two years ago Fisher banned Twitter and it is proving to be a success.  During Fisher’s tenure, he has amassed an impressive 31-10 record with three bowl game victories.  Additionally, the Seminoles were the 2012 ACC champs.

Perhaps other schools should follow in Florida State’s footsteps, especially for those over in College Station.

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