Joe Flacco, Tom Brady, Eli & Peyton Manning, RG3: Who’s the Best NFL QB today?

July 30, 2013
RGIII is ready to take the field.

RGIII is ready to take the field.

What a year we have in prospect and the NFL Superbowl odds reflect how close this season will be. For those of us that like to bet on the NFL it is a minefield to pick out who will make the playoffs, never mind the Super Bowl or be crowned winners! You are able to rate your team’s NFL Super Bowl chances at the sportsbook to help you see how likely they are to make the Super Bowl. What will be vital to any team’s success this season is the ability and return they get from their quarterbacks. With that in mind it is important to look at each quarterback for the big teams in depth and analyse their strengths and weaknesses to make an informed decision as to how far they can lead their teams this coming season.

Joe Flacco – Baltimore Ravens

The possessor of a Super Bowl ring for last season, Flacco is the first of these quarterbacks who have been there and done that. His great showing over the past couple of seasons have recently led to him being rewarded with a whopping £100m contract and the Ravens will be hoping for a good return for their cash.

A huge hurdle for Flacco to overcome is the massive changes that the Ravens have gone through this summer. Gone are the big guns who helped lead them to their first Super Bowl title in 12 years and in there place are a blend of veterans and rookies. It will be a true test of Flacco’s character and leadership if he can lead his team all the way again and to be honest, the Ravens wouldn’t be too high up on my NFL betting picks this year – but I could be wrong!

Tom Brady – New England Patriots

Hopefully Brady has put all of his injury worries behind him because if he is fit, everyone knows how vital he is to the New England Patriots chances of making the Super Bowl this year. Always at the top of the NFL betting picks for MVP, Brady has been there and done that with the Pats and boasts the Super Bowl rings to prove it.
Despite his obvious quality, Brady himself admits that the Pats have somewhat underperformed in the last couple of years. With some people believing Brady’s best days are behind him, I still think it will take a brave punter who will be NFL betting against Brady and the Patriots being there or thereabouts come Super Bowl time.

Eli Manning – New York Giants

It wasn’t the greatest year for the younger Manning and the New York Giants but they will be looking to bounce back this season. Since being swapped for Philip Rivers from the San Diego Chargers, Manning has made New York his team. A true leader and good in game decision maker, Eli is another of these players who has the experience of winning the Super Bowl – something that cannot be bought.

On the flipside, however, it is a different Giants team from the one that were Super Bowl champions in 2011 and their roster just doesn’t seem to have the same strength in depth through it. On the other hand it is the sign of a true leader who can take a team of underdogs all the way, and a leader is definitely something that can be used to describe Eli Manning.

Peyton Manning – Denver Broncos

At 37, Peyton isn’t going to be improving too much but what he does bring for those of us who like to bet on the NFL is experience, consistency and reliability. The Broncos have taken a bit of a risk signing the elder of the Mannings and will be hoping it pays off. This season will be hugely entertaining watching the Broncos and I have a bit of a feeling they could actually go all of the way and the NFL superbowl odds reflect their chances.

Robert Griffin III – Washington Redskins

For a big part of last season it looked as if Griffin would lead the Redskins all the way but alas it wasn’t to be. This season the Redskins will be hoping Griffin can lead them further than just the play offs and with a years experience under his belt and the rookie tag shaken off, few people will be NFL betting against the Redskins making a Super Bowl appearance.

Wow, what a season we have to look forward to! These are just a small selection of the great quarterbacks we will be privileged enough to watch this coming season (and I haven’t even spoke about Aaron Rodgers etc!) so sit back and enjoy the show and if you are looking into the future at quarterbacks who may be gracing the NFL betting picks in years to come have a look here.

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