Maryland has Money to Burn

March 19, 2013
md2 Maryland has Money to Burn

Maryland can park its bus, as Big 10 revenue will upgrade the school’s travel.

Maryland’s move to the Big 10 is starting to payoff.  Not only is Maryland going to make millions more in conference sharing, the Big 10 is giving the Terrapins between $20 – $30 million extra in travel subsidies.  To put in perspective, as an ACC member, Maryland budgeted roughly $3 million for team travel.  When the 2014-15 season commences, the university will have a projected $6 million for travel. 

md1 150x150 Maryland has Money to Burn

Maryland is ready to fly in style thanks to the Big 10 cash flow.

With Maryland in the Big 10, the conference’s footprint extends to the Washington, DC market a hot-bed for athletes that already look to play in the Big 10.  Maryland’s move to the ACC will also pay dividends come 2017 when the conference renegotiates a new television deal.

To think, last year Maryland cut over seven sports citing budget concerns.  With the move to the Big 10, the university could  possibly resurrect certain sports programs.

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