10 protest against Penn State, 1,500 students rally in support

November 9, 2011

A lot of people are calling for Joe Paterno's resignation, the students respectfully disagree.

David Baran, a Penn State graduate, is so disgusted with his alma mater that he staged a rally on Tuesday on the steps of Old Main to protest the Jerry Sandusky scandal and to showcase his distaste about the way Penn State handled the sex abuse charges. Baran pulled out his diploma, then a lighter, and set his degree ablaze for everyone to see. The one problem, only 10 supporters showed up to his protest. Meanwhile, over 1,500 students held an impromptu rally on the doorsteps of Joe Paterno’s house chanting for his approval and supporting their favorite coach.

Penn State alum David Baran burned his diploma to send a message to Penn State. Unfortunately, only 10 supporters showed.

Penn Staters are staying strong despite the horrific allegations stemming from Sandusky’s propensity to molest and sodomize boys. During the rally, there were chants of “F— Graham (PSU president)!, Sandusky!” But the crowd did not share the same sentiment about their beloved coach. In fact, the students gathered at the steps of Old Main to protest Paterno’s call for resignation.

It is evident the students were not rallying because they support child molestation, they gathered to show support of a man, Joe Paterno, who dedicated his entire life to the Penn State community.

When asking an alum about the two rallies, “David is an idiot, I didn’t see him burn his football tickets, the fact of the matter is, the president, Sandusky and McQueary should all be fired.” “If JoePa knew what happened he should have said something to authorities and for that reason alone, he should probably step down to save whatever remaining grace he has with the school.” “I’m here to show support for a coach who tirelessly supported Penn State, nothing more or nothing less.”

Whichever side you lay on this polarizing coin, based on the scene last night, a very strong student body supports Joe Paterno.

Penn state hosts Nebraska this Saturday at noon for the last home game of the season. The students are dubbing this game as a Blue-Out in support of child abuse awareness. It remains to be seen if JoePa will be roaming the sidelines. There are conflicting reports regarding his coaching career. Some believe he won’t make it to the end of the week, others report the university will let him finish the season.

How should the top brass at Penn State handle the situation?

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