ND athletic director challenges students to cheer louder

October 15, 2011

When Notre Dame takes the field next Saturday, AD Jack Swarbrick urges fans to cheer.

Watching a college football game at Notre Dame Stadium is a must for any college football fan. The stadium is rich in tradition and filled with pageantry. From the Irish Guard to the fans dancing an Irish jig when the band plays “Rakes of Mallow,” Notre Dame Stadium is more of an experience than anything else. However, the 80,795 fans are not necessarily the loudest in the country and ND athletic director Jack Swarbrick wants that to change—specifically in the student section.

To inspire the students, Swarbrick made a cameo this past week in both North and South dinning halls to let the students know he wants the stadium to be deafening. He challenged the students to be so loud that it causes at least one false start penalty against USC. “I travel around with our team, and our stadium is the quietest place we play. I want you guys on that Saturday night at least once to make USC have a false start penalty.”

With Notre Dame in a bye-week, the students have an extra week to prepare to make Saturday the “loudest, most raucous, but safe environment in college football” when rival USC comes into town.

Swarbrick is throwing down the gauntlet and is asking some of college football’s most loyal fans to let him and the college football nation hear just how loud Notre Dame can be.

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