TCU sends big message to Ohio State

January 7, 2011

Ohio State fans and Columbus residents got a bit of a surprise during their morning commute. Photo:

With TCU still reveling in their dramatic 21-19 Rose Bowl win over the #5 Wisconsin Badgers, the alumni continue to find creative ways to celebrate and to gloat for all of Columbus, Ohio. According to Dallas radio station 1310, the TCU faithful collected money to purchase up to 20 electronic billboard signs in-and-around Columbus to not only send a stern message to Ohio State but to memorialize their signature win: “Congratulations to TCU for their BCS Rose Bowl Victory-Little Sisters of the Poor.”

If you recall, back in November, Ohio State president E. Gordon Gee opened his arrogant mouth and knocked TCU and their weak schedule proclaiming “the little sisters of the poor” do not deserve a title shot because their schedule is nothing like the “murder’s row” schedule of the Big 10. TCU didn’t take lightly to the negative comments and challenged OSU to a game any time, anyplace, and anywhere.

In a bit of irony, TCU beat a top ranked Wisconsin team that absolutely dominated the Buckeyes earlier this season 31-18. For you nonbelievers, TCU is the real deal. Hopefully the alumni billboard campaign will be enough of an impetus to motivate OSU to actually schedule a game against the Horned Frogs to put this argument to rest.

Again, a big congratulations goes out to Gary Patterson and TCU.

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