Warrant issued for another Bulldog

September 3, 2010

Another player arrested under Mark Richt.

As Georgia is set to kick-off the season, the University got a little surprise from big brother. The University of Georgia Police issued a warrant for the arrest of UGA safety Alex Ogletree. The warrant stems from a theft by taking charge. As the facts are coming in, all that is known is Ogletree’s fingerprints are all over the theft of a $35 helmet stolen from the Rankin Smith Center back in June.

Ogletree was a heavily recruited safety that was part of Georgia’s impressive 2010 signing class. Though this theft alone is not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, it marks the 9th Georgia football player arrested this year. At this rate, even if it is not deserved, coach Mark Richt will have some questions to answer regarding the discipline of his players.

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