July 9, 2010

Relax and enjoy the weekend!

There has been way too much distraction for college football fans this past month. Thank God the LeBron James media blitz has come to a close. Also, the yawner, for some, of a sport is coming to an end on Sunday as the Netherlands battles it out against the Spaniards. But lets turn to why you’re on this site to begin with, college football.

To all my Florida fans (not Gators but state of Florida), I stumbled across a great independent sports media site that covers Florida sports.

The Big 12 is dying a slow death and one coach in particular [Tuberville], who speaks the truth, thinks the conference will not last because of the disparity between the teams.

The ACC has a new (to me) independent voice that is doing a great job predicting the ACC order of finish (my one critique, flip the BC and Clemson ratings in the Atlantic).

The USC ship continues to sink and it’s becoming even more clear that USC and Tennessee are not getting along right now.

JoePa may be getting old and losing a step, but he is still an amazing coach and is a walking legend. He will get his recruiting up to speed, just give him time.

Ah, well, it’s just about that hour to hit the cafeteria and gaze at the clocks as we approach the end of the day and the start of the weekend.

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