Gilyard gets .38 in face, uninjured

May 19, 2010

Former Bearcat Mardy Gilyard (#1) was robbed at gunpoint on Monday night

Former University of Cincinnati star wide receiver and 4th round NFL draft pick (by the St. Louis Rams) Mardy Gilyard was robbed at gunpoint Monday night on the 2600 block of Jefferson Avenue right off Cincinnati’s campus.

Gilyard was with his bodyguard around 9:30 p.m. at a BP gas station when two armed men yelled “give me your chains! give me your chains!” and at gunpoint took over $300 in cash and $1,000 in jewelry. The 23 year old was not injured and actually was not shocked of the robbery, “I know from my experience in the city when it warms up-as soon as it warms up-the grimy cats in the city come out.” Gilyard recently hired a bodyguard ever since he was drafted by the Rams as NFL players are targets for thieves. This is the first time he has been a victim of crime in the city. Hopefully, it was his last.

Gilyard was a standout Bearcat who is the only player in school history to score a TD receiving, rushing, and on a kickoff and a punt return all in the same season. He ended the season with 87 receptions for 1,191 yards and 11 TDs. He will be an offensive threat the Rams so desperately need.

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