A look at the top 3 Kickers

July 15, 2009

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A field goal kicker must have proper form, nerves of steel, and the ability to drown out the noise and focus on the kick whether it’s in a hostile stadium or in the¬†rain, wind, or snow. If they make a big kick they’re a hero, but if they miss, they’re a chump. Kickers don’t get the same respect as the other¬†players because of their size, lack of strength, never getting in the trenches, they don’t know how to tackle, block or catch. However, there is no dispute, kickers are a very valuable part of your school’s program.

When there is 1 second left on the clock and you are down by 2 at your opponents 25 yard line, all eyes turn on the kicker. The kicker can either make or break the season. When a coach is in this situation, he has no other choice but to rely on the kicker and hope he brought his good leg to the game. So when you are down, these are the top three kickers every team wishes they had at their disposal.

1. Kai Forbath (UCLA)- Kai is an all-american and already on the Lou Groza watch list. He successfully kicked and mage all 6 of his career attempts over 50 yards. He has 44 FGs and he is 5thon the UCLA career list with a .846 percentage. He is riding a 13 consecutive field goal streak.

2. Thomas Weber (Arizona State)-Thomas won the 2007 Groza award as a freshman. For career stats, he made 43/50 FGs and 75/78 extra points. To add to his accolades, he was named to the 2008 Playboy All-American team.

3. Brett Swenson (Michigan State)-Brett ranks among MSU’s all time leaders. He has 52 career FGs, 7thin school history with 86 extra points, and 8th in FGs. He has a .754 percentage. By the end of the season he should be one of MSU’s most accomplished kickers.

Just missed the list: Matt Bosher (Miami) and Philip Welch (Wisconsin)

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