Hamilton College Sued for Unfair Wage Practice

December 28, 2012
Hamilton College sued.

Hamilton College sued.

According to a recently filed class action lawsuit, Hamilton College has a $650-$750 million endowment yet the school fails to pay athletic department interns adequately.  Plaintiff Benjamin Kozik, who was employed as an intern by Hamilton from August 1, 2010 until his resignation on October 19, 2012, worked as an assistant football coach, among other positions.  He was paid a flat monthly rate regardless of the number of hours worked which the complaint alleges is a violation of the minimum wage requirement laws. 

At times, Kozik would work in excess of forty hours per week but was not paid time-and one-half overtime compensation.  On multiple occasions, Kozik would work shifts in excess of ten hours yet he was still paid his flat rate.

Hamilton College is one of New York’s oldest colleges and prides itself on a positive, enriching and fair employment practice.  Kozik’s lawsuit would suggest otherwise.  The complaint, which was filed on December 12, 2012 in the US District Court for the Northern District of  New York (12-cv-1870), seeks to recover unpaid minimum and overtime wages, spread-of-hours pay, attorneys’ fees and costs, interest, and liquidated damages.

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