Arizona high school bans cheerleading squads’ breast cancer awareness t-shirt

October 15, 2011

High School breast cancer awareness t-shirt causes debate, banned from school

Arizona high school principal J Charles Santa Cruz is not only infringing on first amendment rights, but he is preventing teenage girls from supporting the fight for breast cancer. The Gilbert High School cheerleaders designed a pink t-shirt to raise money for breast cancer awareness during football games. Unfortunately, school officials believed the shirt was not age appropriate and will not be allowed on campus.

The pink t-shirt, which displays “Gilbert Cheer” on the front and boasts the slogan “Feel for Lumps, Save Your Bumps” on the back, is the topic of contention. The cheerleaders were to wear the shirts during games while asking fans to donate to breast cancer awareness.

Principal Cruz appreciates the cheerleaders’ spirit, but not the practice of wearing an inappropriate shirt, “In no way is the school administration against Breast Cancer Awareness Month or initiatives students might take in support of it; we just want to make sure we’re in the bounds of appropriate boundaries of a school setting.”

Throughout all ranks of football and sports in general, players are wearing everything from pink tape, gloves, wrist-bands and hats to show their support for breast cancer awareness. The cheerleaders of Gilbert High School are trying to do the same. But Principal Cruz and company think it’s best to refrain from the words “Lumps” and “Bumps” even though breast cancer awareness is all about the lumps and bumps.

Despite harsh criticism, Cruz is sticking to his guns and offered the cheerleaders an alternative. The squad could wear plain pink t-shirts which are more age appropriate for high school teens. Any cheerleader caught sporting the pink t-shirt will be suspended.

The cheerleaders are taking matters into their own hands, and will hand out t-shirts to fans hoping they wear them to not only show their support to fight breast cancer, but also to defy Cruz. The cheerleading squad is also working on a campaign to sell the shirts nationally to raise money for The Susan GKomen Breast Cancer Foundation.


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