Fox Sports Pac-12 video demeans Asians?

September 7, 2011

The above video landed Fox Sports in some hot water. After airing a segment that mocked Asian students filmed on SC’s campus, Fox had no choice but to cancel The College Experiment. Last week’s segment was aimed to get students’ perspectives on Colorado and Utah entering the Pac-12 conference.

The announcer was clearly targeting unsuspecting Asians who had no concept or cared whatsoever about college football. Rather than focusing on true college football fans, the “comedian” mocked the Asian students’ from their accent to their lack of sports knowledge.

What the interviewer failed to realize is that the students videotaped were at SC to actually get an education and will soon land prominent positions such as running Fox Sports and firing the idiots who targeted the Asian community.

Fox Sports immediately issued a statement acknowledging the video was aired in poor taste and apologized to the Asian community.

Watch the video and judge for yourself.

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