Top 10 Tailgating College Campuses

August 25, 2011

PSU knows how to pre-game!

Tailgating is as much a part of football season as the sport itself, and many colleges have embraced this important celebration. Whether it’s the food, the weather, or the company, tailgating is becoming a national past-time that universities across the country are welcoming with open arms. Here are the top 10 tailgating college campuses:

1. Ole Miss

You haven’t experienced college football tailgating until you’ve been to the Grove, a shaded 10-acre park that transforms into one big party on Saturdays in Oxford, Mississippi. Ole Miss is known for its Southern charm and devoted fans, so tailgating grub is nothing short of sweet. Expect Deep South classics like fried chicken, pimento cheese sandwiches and stuffed eggs. Ole Miss tailgates can pretty much be summed up by their unofficial school motto: “We may not win every game, but we ain’t never lost a party.”

2. LSU

Tailgating at LSU is one gigantic party that everyone in Baton Rouge is invited to attend. Known for their delicious, Cajun-inspired tailgate feasts like crawfish, jambalaya and gumbo, the fans in Baton Rouge are as wild about their food as they are about their football team. Let’s face it; Louisiana knows how to party, and LSU tailgates are absolutely no exception.

3. Auburn

You’re bound to hear the familiar cry of “War Eagle!” at an Auburn tailgate, and unless you root for the Tigers, that’s not the only yelling you’ll hear. Auburn fans take their tailgating seriously and won’t settle for just any old setup – it’s RVs in the hayfield or bust! These fans are also known to be rowdier than most. And why not? When your team is the defending national champion, you have every reason to be proud.

4. University of Washington

University of Washington’s tailgate is truly a spectacle worth seeing. Come rain or shine, Washington fans turn out in droves to root on their Huskies and take their tailgating to the waters. Thousands of students, alumni, families and friends hop on luxury boats and take over Lake Washington, where the beer is cold and the salmon is fresh. The unique tailgating experience and breathtaking view gives Washington an important place on this list.

5. University of Tennessee

Nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains and bordered by the Tennessee River, University of Tennessee fans may have one of the most scenic tailgating views of all time. Whether they tailgate on water or party on land, Volunteer fans sure do know how to have a good time. Warm weather, good food and energetic fans – what more could you need in college football?

6. Penn State

Penn State knows how to party, so it should come as no surprise that this school also has one of the best tailgates in college football. Nittany Lion fans travel from near and far to State College to root on the team and partake in the lovely fall festivities. Penn State may be known for its politeness and kind treatment to opposing teams, but don’t be fooled by the warm welcome because these Nittany Lions are all about winning.

7. Ohio State

The Buckeyes are a storied Midwest football mainstay, and their tailgate experience reflects this longstanding tradition. Ohio State is known for its die-hard fans and deep-seated rivalries, so prepare to join thousands of loud and proud fans as they tailgate like rock stars. Expect miles upon miles of cars, tents and grills amid the sea of scarlet and gray. The most popular pre-game events take place in lots around the stadium, known as “The Horseshoe,” as well as at St. John Arena, where the famous Skull Session pep rally gets fans pumped for the game.

8. University of Texas

The University of Texas is a huge school with an even bigger alumni base. That makes for one absolutely enormous tailgate party every single home game. UT is one of the most successful college football schools in the country, and its rabid fan base in the great state of Texas make it one of the most watched football teams in all the land. Great food, warm weather, and great football make Austin’s tailgate party a must for any college football fan.

9. Alabama

In Tuscaloosa, Alabama, football is life, and if you’re not rooting for the Crimson Tide, you’d better be quiet or go home. Alabama is the pride of the Southeastern Conference, the league that many consider the best college football conference in the country. And with a long history of legendary coaches and players, the Crimson Tide’s football prowess is matched only by their tailgating expertise. Great food, great weather, and a rabid fan base make Tuscaloosa an elite tailgating destination come college football season.

10. Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin tailgate is certainly a sight to see. Badger fans are all about gathering in parking lots, yards and anywhere else they can cook up some brats and throw back beers. These fans love partying just as much as they love their Wisconsin football, so be prepared to come early and stay late with this rowdy bunch.

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